Perennial Jean

Using lyocell in place of cotton saves over 1,900 gallons of water per pair (enough drinking water for the average American for over 10 years)

Single fiber composition and no rivets enables jeans to be upcycled through a circular process.  In other words, we'll turn old jeans into new ones, again&again

Replacing leather back patch with woven version saves cows and reduces dependency on the industry (cattle farming) that is greatest contributor to greenhouse gases

again&again jeans are truly sustainable.


Sustainable Tee

Shirts are screen printed with vegan, organic, water-based, and eco-friendly inks that are better for the environment and better for your skin. This is in contrast to most screen printing companies that use petroleum based, more toxic inks.

Allmade's Tri-Blend fiber of recycled plastic, organic cotton, and Tencel Modal saves 475 gallons of water compared to standard cotton Tees and is comprised of 6 recycled poly water bottles.