Sustainable Denim

Jeans that are better for the planet and as soft as your sheets. If it weren't for the classic fit and dark-blue wash, we'd be tempted to call them green jeans.

20x Less Water

Using a fraction of the water and one-fifth of the farmland, our fabric is easier on the Earth than conventional cotton denim


Natural, recyclable, and biodegradable, our jean is upcycled into new jeans, forever avoiding landfill

Plants Trees

A tree is planted for each pair bought, meaning you're leaving the world better off

How We're Different

Just three simple steps lead to a more sustainable pair of jeans


Give us your old jeans

Get a discount on your purchase for sending in your old pair


We'll recycle them...

We cut the fabric into little bits, dissolve it into a pulp, and upcycle it into future generations of pants


...and you get a new pair!

Enjoy your new, simply comfortable jeans and send them back to us whenever you're ready for a new pair

How old jeans become new:

Look great, feel even better

Start wearing jeans that you can simply feel good about

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